Sunday, August 31, 2014

Pink Hair Experiment

As you know, I've been obsessed with hair recently. I love talking about hair about as much as I love talking about color. Maybe I should have been a beautician.  Also, as you know, I recently got a hair cut. I cut off about ten inches. I love having my hair long, but the detangling of my hair became agonizing. Especially during the friggin' hot summer. I know, I know, I'm gonna piss some people off. But I like winter. I like rain.  I like gray skies. I know I'm a freak, and I do beat myself up over it. But hey, lately I'm giving myself a break. I'm just in the wrong environment. I should probably be in Iceland.  Hmmm.  Need to add that to my travel list.

Anyway, I love my hair long.  Worn it long almost my whole life.  But it was making me cry when I combed it out after washing. Seriously. It hurt that bad. A couple times I experimented with growing dreads. But not for me. I prefer soft, natural, ahem, platinum hair, just the way nature intended.

The cut felt great, the front was drastically longer, just like I wanted. (see previous post here). But here's the thing. I'm a lover of asymmetry. I even thought about having the right side longer than the left. The stylist wouldn't do it - bless her heart.  She said, this is a great starter cut. See where you go from here, and stay comfortable with who you are.  It's easier to cut more hair, if needed (and affordable since I was at Great Clips where this divine creature cuts my hair for $13, no lie.) I'd much rather go back to have more cut. The adding more on is the difficult part, lol.

So I did it.  It felt great and weightless, fluffy.  But I hated those pieces in front. Can't stand the hair in my face. Was really grateful I had enough hair to pull back in a scrunchy.  I had a short cut that I HATED once, so that's my rule. I must be able to pull my hair back. I said...those pieces in front.  I adore that cut when I see it on others.  I just don't like it on me.

One day looking in the  mirror, I cut them very precisely.  I am still a great lover of a super geometric extreme blunt cut  Younger friends tell me to get long layers. True, layers are better than they were when I was a kid. But...I think I hate them.  Yep.  I'm obsessive about my hair.  Have been since I was about three years old.  If I can work up the courage, I will share a couple of pics from my childhood.

Anyway, will you just look at that fabulous creature Zanna Roberts Rossi in this pic from Under the Gunn, Season One?  I mean look how fab her hair is.  Although that is deceptive. It's simple, but not easy. That took a stylist who had to blow it out, tease it and iron it and gosh knows how much product. But it's freaking gorgeous.  I am a lover of geometry.  She'd look great with a pink streak in her hair.

And okay, can I just mention those bitchin' shoes she's wearing.  I need them. Badly. If you know the designer, please leave a comment.

I wanna be Zanna when I grow up.  Look at that hair, look at that style. And when you hear her accent, well forget about it.  Working for Marie Claire, Zanna has to remain at the forefront of fashion, and she does it with ease. These vests are gonna be big this fall and winter. They're warm and allow for mobility. I want a gray one. I'd wear it with gray long johns, large clunky bracelet and rain boots.  I shit you not. I love wet weather, and I want to be stylish as well as comfortable.  Sorry I digress. Image via DuJour (warning!  highly addicting site)

Anyhoo...Zanna would like great with a pink streak.  I've worn pink hair in college, we actually died our hair with kool aid, and I was in love with Dale Bozio's style.  I had a corporate job so haven't played with pink hair in many years, and I've been itching to.  Wouldn't you know?  Garnier Fructis has a new line of pop colors?

Not a sponsored post

And reasonably priced too!  What's cool is that you don't have to dispose of it after each use, so it's very economical.  My hair was freshly colored with my favorite L'oreal dimensional color (see previous post here).


oh dear. wish i had done a streak rather than a dip. the product feels stiff and the rest of my hair is so luxuriously soft. needs some tweaking. put it in a bun to go out.


pink towels and pink hair, lol!  a little improved on the softness.  put the number three conditioner that comes with the L'oreal hair color on the pink and kept it in all night. was able to wash it and get a fine tooth comb through it. a miracle! felt much softer and like the fading. experimenting with hot ironing the front and leaving back messy.  can't wait to see how it grows out. i'm an expert at growing my hair out.

In my next post I'll have some tips for adding pop colors in your hair.  If you have insomnia, you can follow my pink hair experiment at instagram and/or twitter @margiemax....or not... because I may write about it more...or not....haven't decided if I am unplugging or not, lol. Just taking it day by day.

Today was a good day to stay in the A/C and play with pink hair.  What about you dear, readers? What are you doing this long weekend?

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Girl Crush: Meg Ryan

Still obsessing about hair, this edition of Girl Crush is dedicated to Meg Ryan. Lately, I can't get enough of her films. I recently watched Hanging Up (2000), Proof of Life (2000) and Kate & Leopold (2001).  The girl sports some funky hair dos.  And she pulls them off, no matter what length, short or long.

I love everything about her, from her casual wardrobe to her Betty Davis walk. Mostly, though, I love how she embraces fine blond hair, which is often tussled and downright messy. Her beauty has a carefree and comfortable feel that I find inspirational, making her my current muse. I think my next hair cut maybe this last one.

Google images.

Friday, August 8, 2014

New Hair, New Glasses!

Okay, so it was way overdue - I needed a new pair of glasses. Can you believe it had been ten years since my last new pair?  Luckily over sized plastic frames are back in style.  I never really liked the small wire frames I wore.  I wasn't really sure about wearing frames that are so dark.  These are blue, and I wish they were a lighter blue, but I do love them.  Believe it or not they are bifocals!  Gosh, my first pair of bifocals. But you can't tell. It's great to be able to see again!

In honor of my new glasses I decided to cut my hair. I love my hair long, but I needed a change.  And detangling had gotten to be such a trial. Honestly, I would cry when I combed my hair it hurt so bad.

So, I went to the stylist. I told her today was "New glasses, new hair day."  She squealed with delight, "I love new glasses, new hair day!" she said.

So here I am with new hair and new glasses!  I went with the Jenny McCarthy cut, longer in front, but not so stacked in the back. Still thinking of doing a pink stripe.
Here's a side view.  I love it, but I may have to cute the front, it's kinda getting on my nerves. Right now it has to be blown dry and then flat ironed. I'm a low maintenance kind of girl. My stylist and I have an agreement, better for the hair to be too long - you can always cut more. I hate when it's too short.  Any way, I love the new look and combing doesn't hurt any more!  Hooray!

Cutting your hair is an easy way to change your look and your attitude. I with we could change our features so easily. I really want a nose job. If there are any plastic surgeons out there who would like to operate for free, please contact me. We can run a feature on my blog!


I'm obsessed with hair. I should have been a hair dresser. I love long hair, I've worn my hair long most of my life except for a stint during my corporate days when I wore a bob. After the big hair days, I gave my poor tender head a break from all the abuse and cut my over-processed hair into a bob and stopped with the perming, teasing and spraying. I wore the bob for many years, and wore every variation of it. Bangs and no bangs. Prefer no bangs.  If you want to grow your hair long, the bob is the perfect place to start.

Anyway, it had been over five years since I had been to a salon. Poverty forced me to cut my own hair. But now it's time for a change. Detangling my hair has gotten to be a hardship. I actually cry when I detangle my hair - it hurts.  And don't tell me about magical detangling solutions. I've tried them all, and they don't work. Not for me anyway.

I started craving something more sporty. More carefree and bouncy. The key for me is low maintenance.

Remember this gorgeous model from my previous post? I see this hair cut a lot, and like it on other people, but it's not for me. Honestly I never want a cut short enough that the back of my neck needs shaved. I remember one time when I went for a trim and heard the electric clipper being turned on.  The horror! And then when I felt it on the back of my neck - well, I never went back to that stylist again and there were lots of tears.  The good news about hair is, it does grow back.  Anyway, I love the color of this model's hair. I wish I could achieve a beautiful gray blonde, but I think it would be high maintenance.

Here are some sporty looks I like.  I really love Kaley Cuoco's new swingy 'do.

I'm still really loving Jenny McCarthy's 'do.  This was the influence for my new hair cut. Gosh, I wish the stylist could make me this beautiful. I might even dye my hair red.  Hmm.  So many choices.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Denver: Conclusion

Hello dear readers, even though I've been back from Denver for about a month and half, it's taken me a long time to write the conclusion to my Denver series. I learned so much from a mere five days there, and I have been processing all that I learned and experienced. Travel is such a marvelous experience, isn't it?

Visiting Denver was a great experience. I talked with many intellectuals, and met many people with open minds. Tolerance and love are felt everywhere, making it a great deal different than Akron. I felt free. I will be making a big move in the very near future, and it may either be to Denver, Portland or Seattle.

Many have asked if the reason I traveled to Denver was to smoke weed. The answer to that is yes. But more than that, I wanted to be a part of history. I want to be part of a cultural revolution. It's no coincidence that the natives of this land smoked the peace pipe. Partaking in marijuana is a peaceful experience. Unlike the dangerous pharmaceuticals of the West, marijuana is grown as a gift from the Earth. In fact, there are powerful lobbyists who oppose the legalization of weed because pharmaceuticals is a multi-billion dollar industry. However, it's ironic that alcohol and cigarettes are legal and weed is not.

Alcohol is particularly dangerous.  Weed does not contribute to overdose, fights, assaults, domestic abuse, vehicular homicide and rape. Alcohol does.  Get more facts regarding safer recreational drugs from

Weed is good for many purposes. It helps raise the consciousness, as people tend to achieve mellow states and become thoughtful while high. It helps with artistic ventures. The creative spirit runs wild when high. I love painting and/or writing while high. Sex is greatly enhanced, as is the most mundane movements. I love cleaning the house high and meditating on how complex our hand movements are. Hemp can greatly help improve the economy. Lotions, clothes and paper can be made economically from hemp. Meaning we no longer need to cut down trees.

For me there were added benefits during my vacation. As you know, I've been suffering with a strange illness for about five years. Most of the Western remedies used to treat the symptoms make me feel worse. I am always in pain, always nauseous, always feel dizzy and like I'm going to barf. Add to that severe heat and digestive problems due to myriad food allergies. While in Denver and high on the real stuff (since it's illegal in Ohio all we have is skunk weed, not worth the risk of getting in trouble nor the money), I felt none of these symptoms. When pain and nausea are a part of your everyday life, I cannot begin to tell you how euphoric it was to be free of these symptoms for even a short time.

On a more practical note, the U.S. is a capitalist society. And the populace made it clear recently - during the vitriolic universal health care discussions - that they are prefer profit-based models to those that are socialist and might actually help people.  As a capitalist nation, we have a duty to provide a supply where there is demand. And there is definitely demand for weed. We have a great opportunity here for a new crop and cash flow.

Cleveland, for example, would be a perfect place to grow weed. There are tons of empty factories. There's the wind provided by the lake and plenty of precipitation. And oh yeah - a whole lot of unemployed people.

Those of us who would like to see this experiment succeed, must be smart and exercise common sense. Make sure to know the law and have plans in order if you are going to Denver. The media will jump on any story that is negative, so we must act with responsibility.


1.  DO practice common sense.

2.  DO know the law.  You must be 21 to use retail marijuana. Don't drive high.  Don't smoke publicly.

3DO find a friend or family's home to smoke.  There are also lounges if you don't have any friend or family in Denver.  Most hotels ask you to sign a form stating  you will not smoke in your room.  I was cool with that, because I don't want to force smoke on anyone else. I don't like breathing cigarette smoke.

4.  DO NOT take any product or paraphernalia with you to the airport. It's still against federal law. This will land you in prison.

5.  DO NOT take open containers on any roadway. When you buy your weed, it comes in a sealed container.  Don't open it until you get to your destination. DUI laws apply.

6.  DO NOT leave product in rental car or hotel.  This is tempting, because you think the staff might want it. But this will only get them in trouble. There have also been cases of clean up fines levied for leaving it behind.  I suggest buying small amounts from dispensaries. The stuff is so good, you won't need much. If you have any left before leaving, give it to someone on the street. There are plenty of people around who are smoking, and it's a nice peace offering.

7DO NOT eat edibles. This is my own opinion, but it makes good sense for novice smokers. A teeny tiny candy bar can be 8 servings!  Also, edibles don't really make sense, they are all about commerce. I don't trust the process.  You take an herb from the Earth, and you add to it the poisons of the SAD (Standard American Diet).  That is, flour, wheat, sugar, soy, lecithin, corn flower, etc.   It's especially dangerous to drink wine with an edible. Too much sugar!  In fact, I think Maureen Dowd suffered a sugar reaction. Any pot smoker will tell you that her writing is inauthentic.  But that's a subject of another post.

8.  DON'T do stupid shit. The cops fuck with people over stupid things - like jay walking - because they have been told to stand down when it comes to the tourist. That doesn't mean you should tempt them.  They walk around looking like robocop and are itching to arrest people. They are clearly not happy. Keep a low profile.

9. DO behave with the utmost dignity, courtesy and respect.  We all want to see this experiment succeed.

Want to know more about the law in Denver?  See Marijuana Info. Denver.  Want to know more about the benefits of legalizing marijuana?  See NoMoreDrugWar.  For a myriad of information regarding marijuana, including timely columns and current legislation see the Cannibist.

If you haven't seen my article, please see Parts 1-4 here.  If you'd like to see more pictures, please see my urban photojournal here.

All words and images by Peggy.

Denver: A Few of My Favorite Pics

I love Denver!  I can't wait to go back, here's a few of my favorite pictures from my recent trip.

One of the coolest airports I've ever seen!

To see more of my Denver pictures, visit my urban photojournal here.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Wanna be by the water...

Hello dear readers!  Hope you are having a good weekend. It's hot here in Ohio and I am feeling a little wistful. I thought I'd take a little break from my Denver series to talk about the simple life.

I crave simplicity and nature. I've got an itch to move,  Here's the funny thing.  I know I will be moving. It's not a feeling, I know it. It's going to be a big move and it's going to happen quickly. Not sure where yet, top choices are Seattle, Portland or Denver. My ideal would be to own a small cabin. As you know, I love living small. I want to live a simple, low impact life.  I crave nature. I've always loved being near water, and I love trees.

I saw this cabin in Wooster, Ohio on Craigslist and thought very seriously about buying it. It's more of a vacation cottage, but  I could definitely live there year round.  Only problem is the place has only a camper toilet. I might be a simple girl, but I still need some luxuries.  I need a full working bathroom.  Still it's nice to dream.

Here is another dream home.  Ahh. I would sit on that porch, smoke a dube and chill to the max. Maybe even learn how to grow weed. Did you know you can take horticulture classes in Denver that will teach you to grow weed? (Warning: there are still lots of legalities which we will discuss later.) I'd probably get a pit bull to alert me if there's trouble approaching.

Image Source Unknown

Image by Peggy

I even thought about a house boat in Seattle. I am so enthusiastic about my future. Things are really looking up for me and it's about time. Better late than never!  I'll be sure to keep you posted. Have a great weekend and, as always, thanks for reading!  xo

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Denver Peeps, Part Four: The Coolest Peeps You're Ever Gonna Meet......


My posts are not necessarily  in chronological order, but it doesn't really matter. The stories are true. I felt as if Denver gave me a big welcoming hug upon my arrival.

Meet John Elway's new press secretary.  He had just arrived, and he was one of the first people I met when I started exploring. BTW - John Elway is a big local hero. I heard him being talked about constantly by locals and tourists and saw posters of him everywhere, including at the airport.  I'm dating myself, but I remember him being the nemesis of the Cleveland Browns back in the day of Bernie Kosar and Marty Schottenheimer. We almost made it to the Super Bowl, until the fumble heard around the world. I remember that fumble clearly. We all cried. That's when I gave up football......

Sorry, I digress.  So dude told me he just arrived because John Elway had been arrested and his services were needed to spin the story and repair John's image. Apparently he's a master spinner.

Yeah, dude was talking shit. But he was pleasant, funny and welcoming. He had twinkly eyes and a contagious smile and laugh.  And here's something funny:  he was clean.  In fact, this was something I noticed about the homeless and transients in general. They look nothing like the Cleveland or Akron transients. They are much cleaner, have better clothes, better shoes.

See what I mean?  This is Capital Hill.  There were people from a social agency passing out food, blankets, clothes, shoes, backpacks, water, etc.  I'll try to get you a pic from a soup line in Cleveland to give you a comparison.  I'll tell you what else was refreshing about Mr. Press Secretary. He didn't ask me for money. Of course, a lot of people asked me for money since I had the large neon sign on my forehead that said: TOURIST. But it's okay, I can handle myself. I'll have more to say about poverty in a subsequent post.

By the dollar store I met a couple of good ol' boys from Alabama (their expression, not mine). I wanted to pet the dude's puppy. I approached and gently asked if it was okay to put his pup - you never know pup might be in training. He said in a drawl, "Why sure lil lady, and thanks for asking."  He explained that people approach the pup without asking him first and she doesn't like that.

This guy had the most riveting eyes I've ever seen. He told me he and his buddy had hopped a train from Alabama (I wish I had recorded his voice for you to hear). He said they had no choice. There were no jobs. Alabama (like Ohio) is broke so there's no welfare. He told me he was strong as an ox and wanted to work and that he found an agency like Minute Men, except they don't take a cut of the workers' pay. It's more like a social agency. He also said he doesn't like to give people money unless he can see they are trying to help themselves. Heard that.

I had nothing but mad respect for him. He said he and his dude hopped a train. Slept in the woods at night, and the pup alerted him if any one approached. We talked little about the myths the wealthy like to perpetuate:  1. The Safety Net.  No such thing, doesn't exist.  2. The Free Ride. Again, this is bullshit, it doesn't exist. and 3. That people are lazy and don't want to work.  Also bullshit.  See also post below where I talk about the guy who was putting scrap metal in his car. He's been accused of being lazy.

He told me, hey you do what you gotta do and for a young, strong buck like him that means going where the opportunity is.
Meet Jacob. The story of Jacob is one of synchronicity and mad hospitality. In our search for another lounge, we ended up at the wrong address. He was working in his garden, so I approached. His three legged, rescue pit bull greet me warmly, so the dude knew I was cool  I chatted him up a bit. He said, "Oh are you tourists looking for a place to smoke?"  Indeed. You're welcome to smoke on my porch. I asked our cab driver to come back in an hour. I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

Again we passed the peace pipe - something we did often in Denver. He shared an out of this world bud with us and we shared one with him. Turns out dude is a chemist and was explaining a lot about strands, and growing methods and something called cytokines. There's a whole science to picking the strand for your physiology. It was good not to feel any pain. We'll get more into medical implications in a subsequent post.

We sat on the porch, smoked, talked and admired his beautiful rose bushes. Turned out his girlfriend was in Cleveland.  Small world. He talked a little about Cleveland, and mentioned the brutal killing of a woman by the cops. Turns out that's my step mom's niece he was talking about. Small world.

A cop drove by.  Out of habit, we hid our joints.  He said, you don't have to do that, it's legal here. He explained the police department was right across the street from him and that he was friends with the local sheriff.  I laughed, kinda like Andy Griffith, I said.  He said, funny. The name of the 'burb we were in was Mayberry.  I'm not shitting you.  That's how the trip was, nothing but synchronicity.

Jacob is an intellectual, and I love talking to intellectuals. It was a great experience that I will never forget.

Meet Yubo. Yubo is one of our kind cab drivers. Since we were smoking, and didn't have a lot of time in Denver, we cabbed it a lot. Cab drivers are great. I love hearing their story, and I learned a lot about the city. They are really ambassadors. Yubo was a gentleman, and really watched my back to make sure I was safe. He arrived at Jacob's house 59 minutes later. He was there right when we were ready to leave. Didn't want to wear out our welcome, and we still had a lot to see. Hugs and love all around.

I love hearing the cab drivers' stories. Yubo is from Nigeria. In fact, we met a lot of East Africans. You have to listen carefully because he's still learning English, but the dude is an intellect. He came to the U.S. looking for his permanent home. He explained the hell he went through with immigration - much like the hell I went through with looking for public assistance. No one gets a free ride in the U.S.  I repeat, no one gets a free ride in the U.S. It's a myth.

He said he first arrived in Columbus, Ohio. People were cruel and intolerant (I have family there. The dude is not lying). So he left. Didn't waste time. Went a couple other places. If it wasn't right, he left. He finally settled in the Colorado mountains and he loves it. My next trip will be all about the mountains.

Think for a minute about this bravery. Okay, imagine you are an average American. Meaning you watch a lot of TV. You speak only English. You decide to move to Nigeria and start driving a cab to support yourself while you find a place to settle. I don't know about you, but I couldn't do it. I Yubo, and others like him deserve props.  To be continued.......

All words and images by Peggy. Not to be used or reproduced in any manner without express permission.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Denver, Part Three: The Coolest Peeps You're Ever Gonna Meet.....


The next day in Denver we needed to find a discreet place to smoke. I'm all in favor (as is any pot smoker) of discretion. Denver is being thoughtful with the roll out of this experiment. I'd like to see it succeed. I'm not alone in this, many would like to see this succeed so it's all about responsibility, hospitality and peace. And hey, why not make some money? You need money to live in this economy. And a lot of it. Oh and BTW - most pot smokers don't drive high. We'll talk about this later, but we had some real cool cab drivers who watched our backs. I love cab drivers! You learn so much from them.

Our friends at Purple Haze gave us an address to a post-industrial area to the west of the city. Cool. I love post-industrial. Should be lots of photo ops. I was a little tired and I thought it might be a great break from the densely populated area of E. Colfax.

We made a quick stop at Subway. Have you tried the turkey with avocado?  Delicious!  We walked in this area, I was in heaven with my little camera.  Clicking away in the gray, drizzly weather. My favorite. I noticed these barracks behind what I'm assuming is a closed factory. Huh. You know you could stimulate the economy and put people to work in those areas growing hydroponic weed. And you know hemp isn't just good for smoking. It makes superior cloth, soap and paper. To cut down trees -when Mother Earth gave us this glorious plant - is a sin.

Or these could be converted to rental spaces for living, or maybe even lounges for people to smoke.

So we ventured into i Bake. We were greeted warmly. You pay for a membership (only $10) and you can hang out as much as you want 24/7. You bring your own smoke and/or pipes, although they have a ton of pipes you can borrow. You also bring your own snack if you want. And it's just a super chill time. Most stuck to themselves and were enjoying their medication of choice. I learned a lot from a local chemist about picking the strain that is good for your physiology. It's all chemistry. I learned just enough to know that I have a lot to learn! 

Had some cool conversations. Sat at the bar and smoked my favorite, Pineapple Express. Chilled to the music. It was heaven. And it was a lifelong dream of mine! I always thought I was going to have to go to Amsterdam to take part in this activity. I was fulfilling this dream in the U.S.!  And it was perfectly legal! Just on a side note: a friend of mine recently traveled to Amsterdam. He told me tourists are not allowed to smoke. Don't know if it's true or not. Please leave me a comment if you know anything about Amsterdam.

Actually, my lifelong dream is to sit in a coffeehouse and smoke a dube. You can't do that in Colorado. They are still being very careful. And I get it. There are kids to think about. Then there's the smell which is offensive to some. Weed smokers do not want to offend. In fact weed makes people better at difficult social situations.  But I think vaporizers are coming a long way. We may actually be able to use vapor in a coffee house. No smell, no smoke in your lungs.

Anyway this was a good time. I was feeling no pain. I was worrying about not a damn thing. We even sat on the porch and watched the rain for a while. 

While we were there we met this dude. Can't remember his name, my bad. Like so many people I've met in the last few years, he fell on hard times. I should mention that before the rain it was like 100 degrees and the sun was beating down. This dude had gotten an AC unit from the garbage. Yep the garbage. He was tearing it down enough to put it in his car - that he was living in. He touched my heart because that dude was in that sun, then in the pouring rain for hours performing extreme manual labor. He finally got it in the car enough that he could drive slowly, and we all prayed that the cops wouldn't fuck with him.

The irony struck me yet again. This is a man who the privileged would call lazy. They would say he doesn't want to work. And they don't have a clue what they are talking about. I sat and watched the dude for quite a while. He was sweating like a pig. He was cutting himself. He got drenched by rain. His muscles rippled cuz the shit was heavy as hell. Once he got it to the scrap yard he would get pennies for it. If that ain't work, I don't know what is.

He was good natured and pleasant to talk to. He did not mind my ignorant Euro-centric questions at all. So I gave him a bud. Hey, the dude's exhausted mentally and physically. Some bud will help him get through the day. I also gave him money for a meal because - I am not shitting you - he was so hungry I could hear his stomach rumbling. He didn't want to take it. But I insisted he take it,  and that he drink some water. I don't know how he didn't have a heart attack. He said in his loving way, "Hey you do what you gotta do." True dat. We shared a group hug, and I told him he's on the right path. I see people do this sort of thing in Cleveland all the time. The difference is in Denver there's some opportunity.

Want more pictures and less words?  Please see my Urban Photo Journal.

All images by Peggy

Monday, June 23, 2014

Denver, Part Two: The Coolest Peeps You're Ever Gonna Meet....


I headed out to explore Colfax and was immediately transfixed. The heady aroma from weed coupled with the mountain air was exquisite. Although it was too friggin' hot, just like Ohio. I had to stay in the shade and keep hydrated. Every time a breeze went by or a door opened, I breathed deeply of the scent. Ahh, just like walking into a coffee shop or a bread shop, only better. It's hard to explain what the smell of real quality weed smells like. It's like a home made spaghetti sauce that has been simmering and exuding its aromas all day. No that's not quite right. It's like a very fine tea that has been steeped to perfection. No that's not quite right. It's a lovely herbal smell. It's scintillating and very heady. There's a reason the indigenous people of this land passed around a peace pipe. It's because the herb - good herb - not the skunk shit you get in Ohio since it's illegal - is a gift from the planet. That's right it's grown. You don't need Prozac. Weed will do you right. You don't need sleeping pills, weed will do you right. There's a lot of money to be made in the weed industry if we do it right. And Denver is doing it right. But also, there's money to be lost by greedy factions that are destroying the economy (like the pharmaceutical industry). Weed just might be the great equalizer. 'Cause let's face it, the disparity of wealth in this country is part of the problem with the economy. You have to share the wealth and spread it around for a healthy economy. Right now a few fearful out-of-touch people are hoarding the wealth. But sorry folks, those days are soon over. And there's nothing to fear. There's plenty to go around. Just go with the flow.

That's exactly what we did in Denver. We went with the flow and went wherever the cosmos directed us. Man it's great to travel without a plan. Such freedom! At first we were afraid to talk to people about weed. I felt like a defector or as if I had just left East Berlin. I found myself whispering the way I do in Ohio. I'm not shitting you. Everyone reminded me I was not breaking the law and that I could speak freely.  Huh. Speak freely. What a concept. I thought the First Amendment guaranteed that...I have some things to say about the legalities and logistics, but that's for a post in the near future. Right now I want to talk about some of the fabulous peeps I met.

The first place we stopped at was called Purple Haze. It was right across the street from a dispensary. We met a couple of the owners, a lovely couple named Rubin and Stacy. They are ambassadors for Denver. The city should be paying them. They spent a lot of time telling us where to buy smoke, where to buy vaporizers, educating us on the geography of the city and showing us their beautiful, hand blown bongs. And coincidentally, it was Stacy's and my traveling companion's birthdays! It was hugs and laughter all around! Both Rubin and Stacy were articulate, friendly and welcoming.

I was amazed at the beautiful bongs! They are all hand blown!  Reminded me a lot of Seattle, where you see hand blown glass everywhere. I wouldn't even use these they are so gorgeous.

Stacy was kind enough to show me all the pink bongs they had!  Drool!  I can never find modern, pink art glass. I wanted that one in front, but you can't take paraphernalia in the airport - they will put your ass in jail. You can't own paraphernalia in Ohio - they will put your ass in jail. No lie. I swear I stepped into an alternative reality. Our lovely ambassadors told us we didn't need to be afraid to speak about smoking weed. It's legal. It took a while for it to sink in. And it took a while for me to stop whispering.

They even had smurf pipes! Sorry for some of the poor quality of my photos - some of my photos were done on the down low, at first I couldn't wrap my mind around that it's legal. Now there's lots of fine points to the law, which I will get into in another post.

Stacy and Rubin gave us a recommendation for the dispensary right across the street. Isn't it ironic that the dispensary is right next to a liquor store? It is the ultimate contradiction that liquor is legal, and weed is not. Drunk drivers kill people every day. Rape and violence is usually alcohol related. Not pot related. Pot makes you chill. The only thing pot smokers kill is a pizza.

So we ventured into High Level. The smell was, like I've said, heaven on Earth!  Just like walking into Starbucks...well even better than that. It was a pleasure to walk in there and just breathe.

Funny thing about me and my camera. When I get into my Austin Powers mode, almost anyone will let me photograph them and will give me some good face. It's fun, a lot of laughs and all about love. The lovely lady to the left is named Diva, and she's a fashion designer. Gosh, I think I lost her link. As I told you I was still learning to use my Android, so I was a bit disorganized. I'll catch her on my next trip. She was a doll.

As I crossed the street, I met this fabulous lady. She took part in the Occupy Movement for two years. I congratulated her on her bravery and thanked her. We arm chair activists owe the various Occupy Movements a huge debt of gratitude, but the work isn't over. She told me the experience changed her life. I bet. I love meeting a young person who can think critically. She was a doll. And I got another big hug. I remember reading one time that the average human needs eight hugs a day just to maintain balance. More are needed if creative growth is being attempted. Man, I'm in a huge deficit. But I was making up for it in Denver. Now we needed to find a discrete place to smoke. We had signed a statement at our hotel that we would not smoke in our room. That's cool, I don't mind a non-smoking policy. Hey, I don't want to breathe tobacco.  I'm cool with being discrete and polite. I'd like to see this experiment succeed.

The lovely folks at Purple Haze, gave us the address of a lounge where we could smoke and let us sit in their lobby while we waited for our cab.

I felt like queen of the world.  And let me tell's good to be queen.  To be continued....

All images by Peggy


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